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List of sanitary stainless steel clamp specifications and corresponding chucks and outer diameter dimensions of sanitary steel pipes

by:Mayer     2021-08-21
Unsanitary stainless steel clamps are also called stainless steel precision cast clamps, stainless steel clamp joints, and clamp joints. It is composed of a precision cast clamp, a sealing ring, and two flat joints. Both the clamp and the joint can be used separately or as a set. When used separately, the clamp is mainly used to fix the pipe or the connection of the pipe connection. The stainless steel clamp not only has a beautiful shape, but also is very convenient in the process of use. It has strong clamp performance and good sealing performance. DN standard diameter specifications of sanitary stainless steel clamps: DN15, DN20, DN25, DN32, DN40, DN50, DN65, DN80, DN100, DN108, DN125, DN150, DN200, DN250, DN300 (DN15-DN300) sanitary stainless steel clamps Outer diameter: Ф19, Ф25, 4 Ф38, Ф51, Ф63, Ф76, Ф89, Ф108, Ф114, 133, 159, 203, 219, 254, 273, 325 (Ф19-Ф325) sanitary stainless steel clamp chuck diameter: 34 , 40, 50.5, 64, 77.5, 91, 106, 119, 130, 145, 183, 217.235.268 Bio-grade stainless steel clamp manufacturing process: precision manufacturing using CNC machine tools, fine internal and external polishing, to meet the requirements of surface precision; A strict quality inspection system is adopted to ensure the quality of the product is excellent. Structure: Two joints sandwich the gasket, and then connect the two joints with a pipe clamp. This way, the sealing is good, and the assembly and disassembly are also convenient. The sanitary stainless steel clamp also has Many categories, such as double-wire stainless steel clamps, phosphor bronze stainless steel clamps, galvanized stainless steel clamps, etc. Product applications: suitable for beer, food, brewing, beverages, dairy products, spices, MSG, cosmetics, toothpaste .Fine chemicals. Low-pressure pipelines in industries such as medicine, health and bioengineering.
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