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Humidity And Humidity Test Chamber Manufacturer In India

by:Mayer     2020-08-24
Humidity test chambers are equipment's that are used to test how well a product or material retains its quality over its life time. In other words, this equipment's used to detect the humidity and temperature ranges. They are extensively used in pharmaceutical industry and also involve a lot of research as the life of the components is dependent on them. These chambers are usually used for the study of cells for living beings. This kind of study is equally valid in the study for vegetables, flowers and some foods. Therefore, we can say that though these products require certain temperature to function, hence, these chambers detect the kind of temperature that is required for these products to survive. Moreover, these chambers examine the best situation that is required to test the productivity of plants and vegetables. Apart from these, there are also several tests that are being conducted to detect a change in the life span of human beings, to delay the process of getting old, and also to delay the stage of stage of grey hair. Humidity test chambers are even capable of finding out the minute fault in a product. However, humidity chambers are provided with humidity capsules that are used to control humidity within a chamber. These capsules are placed and pierced in the test chamber itself. A logger cap contains a memory chip that is connected to the sensor cap and is also used to connect and collect the transmit data wirelessly to the control software. Each test that takes place is monitored in its own micro humidity chamber and humidity settings can be varied as per the testing requirement. This equipment's have a sturdy construction. These are double walled convection heated and cooled units. The outer body of humidity chambers are made from thick PRPC sheet duly pre-treated with primers and rust proofing and painted with long lasting stove or elegantly power coated. The inner chamber is made of heavy gauge stainless steel sheet of SS-304 grade or anodized aluminium sheet. The gap between these walls is filled with high grade mineral glass wool that in some or the other way ensures maximum thermal efficiency. Apart from these two, the unit is also provided with two doors. The inner door is made of thick plexi glass float so that the user can view specimens or the objects without disturbing the temperature of the chamber. Whereas the outer door is made of mild steel sheet lined with stainless steel from inside. This is even provided with the lock and the key arrangement.
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