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How to Repair Wooden Fencing

by:Mayer     2020-08-25
Approximate time for completion: 1-4 hours according to job, maybe more depending on amount of panels. Approximate budget: 40 Its come to that time of year where your Wooden Fencing has seen through the harsh winter and is starting to look a little weathered in compared to last year's (or sometimes a few years) treatment. Although the initial cost of erecting fencing in your garden is low, it can become very expensive if you find you're replacing the panels every year due to rot and lack of simple maintenance. See this article for further information on looking after timber fence panels. Fence Posts Wooden fence post tops will rot if there is an area for water to gather on the top. You can avoid this by simply placing the cap at an angle or by cutting a small and treat channel into the cap to allow water to flow. If the post top has begun to rot then simply cut the post back to solid and sound wood, from which you can add a post cap. It is important to remember when adding a post cap to your post always ensure the cap is overlapping the post by approximately 12mm wider on all sides. Secure all caps with rust proof nails. Repairing Broken Posts As we discussed the top of the post in the above section, we now need to think about the bottom of the post as eventually the post will rot at ground level. To avoid replacing a broken post there are many options such as adding a concrete spur, but there are more convenient and relatively cheap alternatives, such as a Powapost Drive-in spike. These spikes are designed to anchor fence posts into soft soil. For repairing a post, simply support the fence on each side with props, remove the gravel board and you are left with the post. Cut the post down to the sound wood and then treat the newly exposed timber to give it a chance of a longer lifespan. Drive the Powapost spike into the ground and add your post into the fixing to replace the post. But you concreted your posts in initially? Well the Powapost repair spike is designed to repair broken or rotten posts that have been just that. Simply hammer the ingenious spike between the wood and concrete to create a fixing in which to sit your repaired post. If you are inserting a brand new post then a top tip is to ensure that the post you buy has been pressure treated, as this ensures the post will last much longer and will also not require as much maintenance over the years. Replacing your Gravel Board Doing what the gravel board is mean to do, stop rot and decay reaching your panel, it is often the item of fencing that need to be replaced the most, but fortunately it is also one of the simpler ones too. To avoid dismantling the whole fence, elevate your fence panel and fix it with two props for support. Then remove the rotten gravel board and replace with the new board. If you have used concrete posts initially then slide the panel out and then the gravel board and simply slide the new gravel board in. Replacing a wooden fencing panel The majority of wooden fencing panels come in a variety of standard sizes, so finding on to replace your panel should be simple. If you have a like for like panelling then all you have to do is lift the old panel out, slide the new on in and attach it to the old brackets with screws. If you do not have a standard size, one you perhaps made yourself, then it might be more convenient for you to either replace a length of timber on the panel or to insert a length of timber in the gap, whether this is vertical along the post or horizontal across the bottom. If the new panels is longer than the current panelling, then add baton to fix the items together and then cut off the end that is not needed. It is vitally important that you treat all new timber with a wood preservative, such as Cuprinol or Ronseal. All Powapost equipment for wooden panels can be purchased from Fence-Supermarket. Check out this article on replacing your wooden fencing posts with Fenn Lite concrete posts for more help on repairing fence panels.
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