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How to Install A Tankless Water Heater? - Find Out Now!

by:Mayer     2020-08-26
You may be thinking that replacing your old water heater with a new tankless water heater by yourself is a great weekend project. But do you even have any idea on how or where you are going to start? If you are confident enough on your skills as a do-it-yourself handyman that you can pull this off, then here are some things that you need to keep in mind when installing a tankless heater by yourself. 1. Though it may seem that installing a tankless heater seems easy, it is still better to always consult with the instruction manual that came with the unit before and during the installation process. You should always have the manual close at hand when working, so whenever you get stuck in a certain stage in the installation process you could quickly consult it to get you back on the right track. 2. Before you can install a tankless water heater, you need to carefully mark out the location you are placing it in. It should be in a relatively dry place that has easy access to the water pipes going into your house, it should also be well ventilated so that the excess heat from the unit will be able to escape easily. 3. Prepare the necessary pipe fittings and other materials you will need before you start installing. Consult the installation manual to find out what are the necessary components you will need. It is important that you do not use any other pipe sizes or fittings other than what the instructions states, as it might cause serious problems with your water heater in the future. By keeping these tips in mind when you are installing your new water heater will more or less ensure that your project will be successful. But if you are not really good at working with your hands, then you should definitely hire someone to install the unit for you. There are certain advantages to hiring professional technicians to install you new tankless water heater for you. The first one of course is that they have all the right tools and know-how to get the job done right. This means that you do not have to fret much about if your new water heater is safe or not. Another great advantage of leaving the job to professionals is that they give you a service warranty for their work. So if for some reason your water heater is not working properly after only a couple of uses they will come back and fix the problem for you, this time for good. Though hiring a technician means you will be spending a bit more money on your already expensive tankless heater, it is still better than gambling on whether or not you will be can do the job without breaking the unit and voiding its warranty. If you want, there are some tankless water heaters where the installation is already included in the price, so you do not have to worry too much about it.
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