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How do sanitary butterfly valves ensure good sealing performance?

by:Mayer     2021-08-18
How do sanitary butterfly valves ensure good sealing performance? The closed type combined seat sanitary butterfly valve mainly solves the problems of short service life and poor sealing performance of the existing sanitary ball valves. It is characterized in that: the valve seat of the product and the valve body are fitted with a groove, the groove of the product is provided with an elastic member, one end of the elastic member of the product is in contact with the bottom surface of the groove, and the other end is The end faces of the valve seat are in contact, and there is a gap between the valve seat of the product and the valve body that allows the valve seat to move within a certain range. Because the ball valve is equipped with an elastic member, the elastic member plays a buffering role to reduce the friction between the valve seat and the ball, and the elasticity generated by the elastic member itself makes the sealing performance between the valve seat and the ball unaffected, which can guarantee both Good sealing performance can reduce the degree of wear and effectively extend the service life of the product. The sanitary butterfly valve includes the left and right sealing surfaces of the butterfly valve. Except for the stem hole and through hole, a spherical cavity is formed that completely surrounds the sphere. The radius of the spherical cavity is equal to the radius of the sphere, and the sphere is liquid tight. The ground motion fit is set in it. Since the sealing surface of the sanitary butterfly valve of this product completely wraps the sphere, when it is closed, there is no gap or space for the medium in the sanitary butterfly valve to leak, and the medium will be sealed in the sphere until the next time it is opened; In addition, only need to pass clear water into the ball valve and open and close several times during cleaning, and the residue in the valve can be cleaned. It is very convenient and suitable for use in occasions or industries with high sanitary requirements.
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