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Finding The Perfect End Cap

by:Mayer     2020-09-07
As the name suggests, end caps are used to seal of pipes of different kinds. Depending on the place the pipes will be used at, these end caps come in various forms. For example you have the insulated pipe end cap which is used to close up the ends of pipes that have been pre-insulated. Generally these caps are made of a heat shrinkable material primarily HDPE sheets that are high recovery bonded versions. They are held together on the ends with an elastomeric binding agent that has been created to withstand very high temperatures. These will come with uncoated edges which made does not allow the sleeve to slip off the pipe's case in the course of installation. Another form of end caps is the conductive version which in terms of function is similar to their insulating counterpart. These are used in cases where pipes or wiring will go live. They are also used in cases where the wires are placed very closely to one another. In such cases, the main cable can remain disconnected to the supply and still be safe. There are chances that a line next to a power cable can get active simply by being in close proximity to a live one. In such cases, it is the end cap that prevents anything from going wrong. In the case of heat shrink tubes, a similar variety of end caps are also used. These come in the shapes of small mugs and are used to insulate wires and cables that are cut and lying around loosely. When you are looking for the right kind of end cap, your search will often be based on the use you are going to put it to. Some of the features that you can explore are a water tight seal that will prevent any moisture from getting to exposed insulation. With such end caps, the minute they are exposed to heat, they will adhere to the shape of the object they are on, thus protecting it. This happens with adhesive lined end caps. You may also require end caps for larger pipes or insulation projects and there are companies that can customize this for you. Also look for those end caps that do not give you too much of a hassle when it comes to installation. Finding a reliable company can be done based on work previously done with a place or can be done based on recommendations that come in.
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