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Design of CNC Spinning Machine for Stainless Steel Flange

by:Mayer     2021-08-25
The reliable stainless steel flange connection method is non-welded flange connection. Compared with the traditional welding flange connection method, the stainless steel flange has a wide range of use, low total cost, high bonding strength, good tightness, convenient processing, quick installation, easy disassembly, no welding residue, no welding seam, easy cleaning, It can prevent local corrosion and other advantages. Based on the analysis of domestic and foreign related literature and related technology research status, a new type of CNC hydraulic drive spinning machine is proposed, and based on the consideration of technical realization, the technical difficulties existing in the actual development of the spinning machine are deeply analyzed. , Design a CNC spinning machine for stainless steel flanges. Based on the above advantages, the non-welded flange connection method is widely used in the connection of gas and liquid transportation pipelines in urban construction, petrochemical, environmental protection, agricultural water conservancy, hydropower and other industries. To achieve stainless steel flange connection pipes need to be pre-processed, one of the methods is to use spinning, that is, spinning and flanging the pipe mouth to form a pipe end flange. A preliminary study on the control scheme of the stainless steel flange spinning machine is carried out. According to the structure and movement characteristics of the spinning machine, the main hardware is selected to ensure the overall reliability and practicability of the spinning machine system.
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