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24 Hour Support For The Petrochemical Industry

by:Mayer     2021-08-14
Health and Safety must take precedent when working in the petrochemical industries. There is no room for complacency and it is therefore absolutely essential that only the best quality materials and products are used throughout any part of the construction or operating process. This will be nothing new to those already involved in the industry but for the lay person, it is something that is taken for granted. The average man in the street may have no idea exactly how demanding and technically exacting standards are within the petrochemical industry. It is something the rest of the UK just takes as a given. Reliance on the professionals in the circumstances is quite simply a 'given' and essential. The industry is of course heavily monitored and controlled as the professionals will testify to but there is still the need to feel confident in the manufacturers and suppliers, particularly when it comes to the pipe fittings and flanges used to keep the petrochemical industries operating. Reliability, quality, and of course, consistency in the manufacturing process of the pipe fittings and pipe flanges is essential. An element that can often be overlooked is that of being able to supply these products at short notice to help fix problems in an emergency situation. At Chemipetro Limited, we are one of the UK's largest stockholders of pipe fittings and pipe flanges and equally have the capability to produce bespoke items to your exacting requirements very quickly. Whether you need it manufactured in duplex or super duplex, heavy investment in both our equipment and people ensures we have the experience and equipment to offer fast delivery times of products manufactured to the highest standards. Our manufacturing operation is not restricted to the basic daylight hours. We offer full 24 hour emergency services, so whatever the time of day, our people are there to support you.
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