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How about sales of fitting cross under Mayer?
There is no exact data here. Such information might be revealed when a reliable partnership is established. We sell fitting cross in domestic and international markets. Our sales have increased year by year. This makes us more competitive in the market.

Guangzhou Mayer Corp., Ltd has been doing its best to develop the technological advantages for the better production of press coupling. The branch tee series is available in a wide range of types and specifications. The production process of Mayer stainless coupling complies with the green principle by using sustainable construction raw materials and resources and reducing solid waste, and consumption. We Control Pipelines, You Control Health. The product has stable machine performance. It always runs stably in the operation of start, brake speed adaptation, and open circuit losses. For Health. Mayer Pipelines.

Common development win-win situation is the driving force of our business. We will allow our customers to engage with the business and strengthen interaction with them about the product and services.
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