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Does Mayer provide EXW for press coupling?
Guangzhou Mayer Corp., Ltd provides several forms of Pricing, and EXW is comprised. If you choose EXW, you consent to buy Products holding the obligation for all expenses associated with the Transportation, including pick-up at our doorway and export clearance. Of Course, you may get a more affordable press coupling when buying EXW, but your transport costs will increase, As you're responsible for the whole transport. We will clarify the terms And conditions immediately when we start our discussion, and also to get Everything in writing, so there's no doubt on what's been agreed upon.
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Mayer is a technologically advanced company in the field of Welding Fittings. According to the material, Mayer's products are divided into several categories, and press coupling is one of them. With the help of our skilled engineers, Mayer stainless steel grooved fittings is designed with a variety of innovative and practical designs. Easy Use to Maximize Performance. This product has a unique versatility - it is refined enough to fit for city life, but even in a country house, it still works perfectly against a more rustic backdrop. Expert of 100% Hygienic Pipelines.

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