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What is the pressure range of sanitary pipe fittings?

by:Mayer     2021-08-21
What is the pressure range of sanitary pipe fittings? Sanitary pipe fittings have high high temperature strength, oxidation resistance, carburization resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, tensile strength and abrasion resistance. The continuous use temperature is 1150 ℃. Some customers are asking how much the sanitary fittings can withstand. The calculation method of the outer diameter specification of sanitary pipe fittings: wall thicknessu003d(pressure*outer diameter*factor)/(2*304 pipe fitting material tensile strength) method of expressing the pressure coefficient of sanitary pipe fittings: pressure P pressure P pressure P>17.5 coefficient Su003d4 pressure u003d(wall thickness*2*stainless steel pipe material tensile strength)/(outer diameter*factor) This is about the pressure that the sanitary pipe fitting specifications bear, and I hope it will be helpful to customers.
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