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cooking without water in stainless steel cookware

by:Mayer     2020-05-15
Cooking without water with stainless steel cookware A good number of us learned to cook from our mothers, grandmothers, or perhaps from a cookbook. The traditional method of cooking most foods is to put it in a stainless steel pot and pan with water and boil or simmer the food. But studies have revealed, the best way to maintain the nutritional value of the food as well as the natural flavor is by waterless cooking in special stainless steel cookware which allows the food to be cooked in its own juices. So, what are the other merits to waterless cooking? Nearly all cooks will look at the same matters when cooking: * Ease of cooking * Time to cook * Clean-up phase * Amount of fat and oil in the food * Taste * Nutritional value Cooking without water is simple and is less time consuming than the traditional method. Heat is evenly circulated, and with no burning or sticking,and the pots and pans are much easier to clean. What's even better, oil is not needed to prevent sticking making your favorite dish lower in fat and calories. The food cooks in its natural juices, which enhances flavor and preserves nutritional value. The principles of cooking without water are relatively effortless and straightforward. High grade stainless steel cookware protects the food. Aluminum cookware does heat faster but studies have revealed that a quantity of Aluminum gets into the food, which may not be advantageous to your health. Cooking without water cookware is made of high grade stainless steel,and does not allow tastes from the metal to leak into the food. Stainless steel pots and pans are also easier to clean and does not need Teflon coating, which also may permiate the food. Surgical stainless steel is the highest grade but that is more about marketing than cooking. The base of the stainless steel cookware is machined flat. This ensures that as much surface as possible comes into contact with the coils of an electric stove or the grates of your gas stove. An aluminum or copper plate distributes the heat evenly along the base of the pots and pans which prevents hot spots that can burn the food and gives heat to the bottom in all directions. The special lid makes a seal, locking in the natural moisture that steams from the food for the duration of the cooking process. This allows food to cook in its own natural juices, and allows flavor, vitamins and minerals to be retained.Most of the nutritional value of vegetables cooks out of boiled vegetables and is poured away with the cooking water. With waterless cooking, there is no need to add water since vegetables contain a large amount of water. Water that is released from the vegetables upon cooking turns into steam and is contained by the lid and the vegetables essentially steam in their own juice. A whistling valve signifies to the cook that enough steam has cooked the food. It cooks at the exact temperature due to the pots and pans heat retention capabilities and the heat of the steam inside the pot. Stainless steel cookware does not radiate much energy, and the iron core or plate maintains a constant temperature for continued cooking even with the heat turned off. That translates into energy savings and that is a huge gain in today's slow economy. The food also cooks faster, at lower temperatures, and in their own juice making it tastier and better for you. Can you buy Stainless Steel Cookware for cooking without water? In general stainless steel cookware for cooking without water are sold at a typical Cookware party a salesperson (who earn a commission)usually shows how to make a meal with their product,and the guests get to observe the process and try the food. The host or hostess generally gets a free pan as a reward for having the party(adding more cost to the product). I have attended some of these cookware parties in the past and have found that the quality of the food was indeed excellant. This certainly got me interested in cooking without water. I adore cooking and am at all times interested in new ideas and recipes. Unfortunately, the stainless steel cookware sold at cookware parties is extemely expensive. A set of pots and pans from a manufacturer ranged from $1500 to over $4500! Because of its construction, our cookware is a higher grade and costs more to manufacture. There are several websites that carry this type of cookware at very reasonable prices. some also have the same quality as the cookware sold at cookware parties.
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