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Understanding Cam & Groove Couplings

by:Mayer     2020-05-29
With technological advancements ruling the world, a number of industries across the globe have seen sky rocketing growth. This increase in industries has led to construction of huge buildings that need high end technical levels of construction in order to ensure perfect construction and maintenance of these buildings. It is observed that many industries where large pipes are used need to have a way to be interlinked or attached to each other. In a scenario where connecting piping is necessary for the safety of the people working and the functioning of the industry it is very essential that utmost care is taken in terms of connecting these pipes. Due to this importance, there has been an introduction of various products that help in connecting and disconnecting these large pipes. One such product in the market that is quite popular and used often is a Cam Lock coupling. These cam lock couplings also referred to as Cam and Groove Couplings or cam and groove fitting or just cam are connectors and disconnectors of pipes that don't need separate screws or locks to do the same. Cam and groove couplings are useful in almost all industries. Depending upon the industry, facility size and the pipes used cam or cam and groove couplings are obtained. Due to increasing demand of groove fittings, there has been an increase in the number of manufacturers of cam and groove fitting as well who provide cam lock couplings in various sizes and quality. When using a cam in your industry there are certain usage guidelines that are preferred to be followed like: 1. Always ensure that the cam and groove couplings are fitted in low pressure. 2. Depending upon the product the pipe would be holding the proper alloy of the cam should be selected. In other words, the cam alloy should match the product the pipes would be carrying. This avoids any reaction with the alloy of the coupling. 3. Nothing in this world stays unchanged. So is the case with cam lock couplings as well. Regular inspection about the wear and tear of the coupling and verifying whether there is any leakage or possibility of leakage is a must. 4. Understand the specifications of your need and get the same sized cams for your need otherwise it can prove to be dangerous. 5. Always ensure that the cam lock couplings are bought from reliable manufacturers who provide 100% quality and service of product. Cam Lock couplings as we know are products that are used for specific reasons. So, here some of the functions of a groove fitting: 1. The major function of cam lock couplings is to hold pipes or piping together. Thus, it is very essential that the coupling used matches with the size of the pipe and fitted perfectly to avoid an accidents or hazardous results. 2. Not only for connecting cams are also used in the transportation of dry products and liquids. 3. Not only for high end but for general purposes like holding hoses for tanks and pumps as well cam lock couplings are used. Thus, with various options and products available, you can buy the best cam lock coupling that best suits your criteria in terms of size, quality and cost.
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