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Space Saving Tips for Apartments in Athens GA

by:Mayer     2020-07-11
If you find yourself using up too much room, it can help to learn some space saving tips. It does not matter whether you live in small apartments in Athens GA or you simply have too many belongings - learning some space saving tips can prove to be beneficial. The following are some tips on how you can use your apartment space more efficiently: Apartment Walls and Your Bike Living in Athens GA apartments do not leave you with a range of choices for storing your bike. You simply cannot leave it outside. On the other hand, your bike can take up a large chunk of floor space if you have it sitting inside. The solution is to leave your bike mounted on the walls of your apartment when not in use. You can use tension cables, storage poles or wood planks. The Ceiling as Storage If you have used up all the storage nooks found under your body, you next option is to make use of the ceiling. All you need are some wooden boards and elbow grease. With these, you can already fasten some storage containers onto the ceiling, preferably of your garage. If you do not have a garage, check if your disposal has rafters. You can hide storage bins in the space between the rafters and the ceiling. You can also convert this space into a bookshelf. Floating Shelves = More Space Floor are is often a premium in Apartments in Athens GA. One way to maximize space is through having bookshelves on the walls. Through having floating shelves, you can free up floor space that can be used for storage of other items that are easier to clean. The higher your shelves float, the more space is at your disposal. You can use ladders to reach for things that are placed high up in the floating shelves. Fold Clothes Efficiently The key in fitting as many clothing pieces as possible inside your dresser is to properly fold them. It helps to learn more about folding dress shirts effectively to save space in closets at home. You might also want to consider filling your drawers from back to front instead of from top to bottom. This will also allow you easy access. Vertical Gardening Gardening is a good hobby to take on if you are living in Athens GA apartments. However, gardening can take up a good portion of your outdoor area. One way to save on space and not give up your passion for growing plants is to build a vertical garden using shoe organizers, gutters, wooden trellis and wall frames. You can also grow a green curtain with your garden to help you save on cooling costs.
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