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Sanitary ball valve withstands different media and loads

by:Mayer     2021-08-19
The sanitary ball valve bears different media and loads. The sanitary ball valve bears different media and loads. After passing through the seal and the ball in the middle of the ball valve, the medium can produce a certain displacement under a different pressure and action. At the outlet end To meet the requirements of the sealing surface, the sanitary valve guarantees a floating state, so a simple sealing effect can still be achieved. Some tests can be carried out on site for sanitary quick-loading ball valves. Workers should prepare for different media. When the load reaches the original way, the sealing ring of the sanitary valve will be affected by the medium and pressure, which will endure the ball. standard. Stainless steel ball valves and gate valves are of the same type. The rotation and opening methods are different through the difference between closed and rectangular centers. Generally speaking, because there is no relative movement, it is statically sealed and will not wear, so it is easier to achieve the seal, and the specific pressure of the seal is equal to or slightly lower than the former. The special order to be realized and maintained is based on the sanitary valve of the ship’s pipeline as a way of changing. The medium and load that it bears can be changed according to these three different changes. It is widely used and structured. The sanitary stainless steel ball valve is loaded between the middle and the pressure. Under the density, as a way of screening, it starts from the way of click to ensure.
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