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How about the application prospect of stainless steel tee fittings ?
The current application of stainless steel tee is mainly focused on the manufacturing industry for industrial use. Though it may finally go to the individual consumers, the direct target is still the industry. It is expected that one day it could be restructured to meet the demand in daily life. This is not only for profit making, but also for product sustainability. Guangzhou Mayer Corp., Ltd is a good example. We do foreign business with purchasers mainly, and besides, we expand the application in the domestic market for individual use.

Devoted to R&D of press coupling for many years, Mayer keeps launching new products every year. The stainless pipe series is available in a wide range of types and specifications. The manufacture of Mayer tee cross involves a series of processes which include the extraction of raw materials, forming cutting, shaping, and drying. Being a not easy-to-buy option, the product loved by most people due to its uniqueness. Some customers even said that it sold out within days. Easy Use to Maximize Performance.

We aim to lead by example in adopting sustainable manufacture. We have established a strong governance structure and we actively engage our customers on sustainability.
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