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How about Mayer service team?
The service team of Guangzhou Mayer Corp., Ltd is made up of several highly responsible and professional workers. With a deep knowledge of our company and products, they can fully utilize their knowledge to answer customers’ questions accurately and promptly. Also, acquiring a perfect communication skill with customers is also necessary for the members of our service team. Because this can ensure the information delivered to customers is exactly what they mean. Since established, our service team has grown a lot both in its service professionalism and scale.

Many famous companies have built cooperation relationship with Mayer for its press coupling. The press coupling series is available in a wide range of types and specifications. In the creation of Mayer pipe end cap, advanced equipment is adopted. The equipment involves a CNC machine, mold shaping machine, stamping machine, and welding machine. Covered to Connect the World. The product has the advantage of high accuracy. Its self-diagnostic feature makes sure that its operation is accurate and correct. Expert of 100% Hygienic Pipelines.

Our company shows responsibility and sustainability. We put efforts to track energy and water consumption in our manufacturing sites and make improvement.
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