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Great Facts About Magnaflow Mufflers

by:Mayer     2020-09-04
What are mufflers? Mufflers are designed to reduce the sounds produced by the emission of gases from the engine. These gases are emitted at high pressure, and if not muffled, they give a loud, annoying sound. A muffler should be effective in such a way that in its silencing function, it does not affect the performance of the vehicle. So, you may be asking, what does a good muffler entail? Fast flow It is importance to have your vehicle equipped with mufflers that have free flowing features. The mandrel-bent tubing in the mufflers allows free flow of gases with little resistant. The smooth flowing of the gases ensures low sounds and no interference with performance. The MagnaFlow muffler is designed to ensure this fast flow so that the sound emitted is smooth and not degraded. Range of sounds The good thing about choosing your own aftermarket muffler is that you get chance for customization. They are available in different designs and the sounds produced range from silent to a loud rumble. This is where your taste as a driver comes in. Do you like the loud roar like for racers or the smooth purr for the official car? Pick the ones that define your character. Different designs Shapes of magnaflow muffler are available in round and oval shapes. An additional design is the Glass Pack Mufflers that feature non-fiberglass acoustic packing with precision robotic CNC welding. The exhaust gases pass straight through the core of the muffler. The packed fiberglass surrounding the exhaust channel absorbs some of the high frequency sound. Stainless steel While other metals are likely to rust with exposure to humid conditions, stainless steel can withstand years of moisture with no hints of rust or discolor. The best mufflers comprise stainless steel mesh that is durable despite the high temperatures in the exhaust system. They also have a stainless steel body which is the exterior. If it rusted, not only would it look discolored but may develop holes which break the smooth sound produced making it a loud cranky sound. Bi-directional mufflers Suppliers like MagnaFlow offer bi-directional mufflers. This means that they are reversible; they can be installed either way. This offers flexibility in installation so the muffler can be installed either way. Lifetime warranty These mufflers are free from defects. Made from the most durable material and lap-joint that is welded to withstand extreme conditions. The mufflers offered by magnaflow are guaranteed to last all their market years offering you sound that is music to your ears and high performance.
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