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A Water Bottle Makes A Great Personalized Corporate Gift

by:Mayer     2021-08-12
The big push on sports fitness has people drinking water like never before. The water cooler in any office is one of the hotspots for the staff. However, this can also lead to a lot of wasted time. This is why giving out water bottles as a personalized corporate gift to employees is a decision that could improve employee production. Less time at the cooler means more time at their desk. The foldable water bottle is one of the latest personalized corporate gifts available and everyone loves it. For those that want to bring their own water into work, the bottle can be filled prior and carried in with them. Those that want to take it home to clean it can fold it right up and bring it back just as easy the next day. A neat feature about this water bottle is that even though it folds up like a paper, it will also stand up on their desk for easy usage. If your office is loaded with bike enthusiasts, a more traditional push pull cap style water bottle may be a more appropriate gift. These bottles are much less expensive than some of the other options, but will still serve the same purpose. In addition to providing staff with 20 ounces of water at their desk, the bottle will also fit conveniently into the water bottle holder on their bicycle. Hikers and walkers would probably enjoy the canteen water bottle. This sells for about $7, but offers the same personalized options as the other bottles. The difference in the style of this water bottle is the canteen like design and the useful clip holder provided on the lid. Walkers and hikers will appreciate this as they can clip it right onto their pants and will no longer have to carry a holster for their water supply when headed out for the afternoon. Stainless steel is another option and that should definitely be considered if these items are being given out to clients as well as employees. They are usually a few dollars more, but have a look that is unparalleled. The shiny steel bottle has a very classy look and can have the company logo emblazoned across the front. This is something that everyone will definitely notice. One final option to consider, especially for major events, is a brand-like water bottle. This personalized corporate gift would feature the company logo in the same place where the usual brand would be featured. They come in 500 ML bottles and offer a very unique way to get the brand out to the public. These are very popular when a company sponsors something like a charity walk or ride. Water is something that everyone needs, so they might as well consume it in one of your personalized corporate gift containers. Whether a company chooses to supply the water container or an actual water bottle, employees and clients alike are sure to appreciate the gesture. The added benefit when offering these to the staff is that there will be less of a need to run out to the water cooler as they have 20 ounces sitting on their desk at all times.
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