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Working principle and seven advantages of all-welded sanitary ball valve

by:Mayer     2021-08-22
The working principle of the fully welded sanitary ball valve, the price of the fully welded sanitary ball valve The fully welded sanitary ball valve is composed of a fully welded body and a carbon-reinforced fluorocarbon gasket, which can operate for a long time under the condition of frequent operation, impurities and chemical substances . The fully welded ball valve's finely ground stainless steel ball can ensure that it can be opened and closed freely for many years, and the operation is reliable. The fully welded ball valve adopts a floating ball structure, and the elasticity of the inclined surface ensures that the sealing ring is tightly pressed on the ball. Even in the case of unstable pressure, the fully welded ball valve can ensure tightness. The anti-leakage structure of the valve stem uses two 'o' rings to make the valve stem rotate freely and tightly sealed. Working principle of fully welded ball valve The fully welded sanitary ball valve has no external leakage. Since the valve seat is composed of a carbonized Teflon seal ring and a disc spring, it has a strong adaptability to pressure and temperature changes, and will not cause any slippage within the marked pressure and temperature range. The processing process of the fully welded ball valve sphere is tracked and detected by an advanced computer detector, so the processing accuracy of the sphere is high. Since the valve body material is the same as the pipe material, there will be no uneven stress, no deformation due to earthquakes and vehicles passing the ground, and the pipe is resistant to aging. The body of the fully welded ball valve sealing ring is made of RPTFE with a content of 25% Carbon, which guarantees no leakage (0%). The direct-buried welded ball valve can be directly buried in the ground, and there is no need to build high and large valve wells, only small shallow wells are set on the ground, which greatly saves construction costs and engineering time. The length of the valve body and the height of the valve stem can be adjusted according to the construction and design requirements of the pipeline. The processing precision of the sphere is very precise, the operation is light, and there is no bad interference. The use of high-grade raw materials can keep the pressure above PN25. Compared with products of the same specifications in similar industries, the valve body is small and beautiful in appearance. Under the condition of ensuring the normal operation and use of the valve, the service life is more than 15 years. Advantages of fully welded ball valve 1. Advanced valve seat of fully welded sanitary ball valve: The valve seat designed based on many years of ball valve manufacturing experience has low friction coefficient and small operating torque. A variety of valve seat materials, suitable for a wide range. 2. Fully welded ball valve stem anti-flying structure: a step is set at the bottom of the valve stem, and the valve stem is installed from the inside of the valve body to prevent the valve stem from flying out. 3. All-welded sanitary ball valve anti-static function: an anti-static spring is set between the ball and the valve body or stem, which can lead out the static electricity generated during the switching action. 4. Fully welded ball valve fire-resistant structure: advanced fire-resistant design. After a fire, each leakage part is designed to be flexible graphite packing or stainless steel clamped graphite, which meets the fire resistance requirements and meets the requirements of API6FA and API607. 5. When the handle of the fully welded ball valve is operated, a flat-head valve stem is used, and the connection with the handle will not be misaligned, thus ensuring that the switch state indicated by the handle is consistent with the valve. In order to prevent the valve switch from being wrongly operated, a locking hole is provided in the fully open and fully closed position of the switch to ensure that the valve is in the correct position. 6. Fully welded sanitary ball valve fire-resistant structure: advanced fire-resistant design, after a fire, each leaking part seal will burn and form a metal-to-metal seal, which meets the requirements of API6FA and API607. For places with strict fire resistance requirements, the seals are sealed with flexible graphite packing and stainless steel clamp graphite gaskets to ensure no leakage. (Please specify when ordering: Fully fireproof type FB type) 7. Fully welded sanitary ball valve adopts the most advanced support plate structure at home and abroad, which improves the service life of the valve and reduces the operating torque of the valve. Greatly extend the service life of the valve.
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