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Why are the sales of sanitary ball valves getting better and better?

by:Mayer     2021-08-19
Why are the sales of sanitary ball valves getting better and better? It is suitable for direct welding sanitary ball valves in underground facilities, sea surface operation platforms and subsea equipment. The direct-welded ball valve adopts high-quality forged parts, which are integrated in the middle part of the valve by single-layer welding, so that the shape of the valve is more similar to a spherical shape, and the structure of the valve is more compact, lighter, and stronger. Single-layer direct welding can also achieve high-precision valve manufacturing, so that the valve seat and the ball can be completely sealed. The completely welded valve body design without bolt connection completely eliminates external leakage. At the same time, this type of ball valve adopts a fireproof structure design and does not require any maintenance. The sanitary ball valve series orbital ball valve is a multi-turn ball valve, which adopts the principle of tilting and rotating to eliminate the abrasion of the sealing surface. When the valve is closed, the ball core is wedged to the sealing valve seat by mechanical force, and a tight seal can be ensured without the help of pressure difference; when the valve is opened, the ball core is tilted away from the valve seat, and the fluid in the pipeline runs along the ball. The core surface 360o evenly passes through the valve, which can eliminate the local erosion and corrosion of the valve seat by the high-speed fluid. Since there is no friction when the valve is opened and closed, the operation is light and reliable. Standards that should be implemented when designing sanitary ball valves. Design inspection standards for sanitary ball valves: API 598 'Inspection and Test of Valves' API 6D 'Pipeline Valves' API 607 u200bu200b'Fire Tests of 1/4-cycle Soft Seat Valves' API 6FA 'Valve Fire Test Code' GB/T 13927 'General Valve Pressure Test' JB/T 9092 'Valve Inspection and Test' JB/T 6899 'Valve Fire Test' Design Sanitary Ball Valve Structure Length Reference Standard: ASME B 16.10 ' Structural Length of Valves' ISO 5752 'Structural Length of Flanged Metal Valves' BS 558 'Structural Length of Metal Valves for Industrial Valve Flanged Piping Systems' BS 12982 'Structural Length of Butt-welded Valves of Industrial Valves' GB/T 12221 'Structural length of flanged metal valve' GB/T 15188.1 'Structural length of valve butt-welded valve'
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