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Which stainless steel flange manufacturer is better

by:Mayer     2021-08-25
Zhitong stainless steel flange is not a simple mechanical part in the usual sense, but a mechanical product carrier that contains abundant technical connotations. In actual use, stainless steel flanges are used in accordance with the usual methods and principles of positive flange covers to ensure the quality and value in use, and use and install in accordance with normal use standards. There are no certain quality and performance issues. 1. The gasket should have good oil resistance and anti-aging properties, as well as good elasticity and mechanical strength. The installation should select gaskets of different cross-sections and sizes according to the shape of the joints, and place them correctly. 2. The sealing surface of stainless steel flange should be flat and clean, and oil stains and rust spots should be carefully cleaned up during installation. The stainless steel flange shall have sufficient strength and shall not be deformed during tightening. 3. Stainless steel flange pipe fittings and butt welding flange electrodes have good corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance, and are widely used in chemical, fertilizer, petroleum, and medical machinery manufacturing. 4. The fastening force of the stainless steel flange flat welding flange should be uniform, and the compression of the rubber gasket should be controlled at about 1/3.
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