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What medium is sanitary ball valve suitable for?

by:Mayer     2021-08-19
What medium is sanitary ball valve suitable for? Sanitary ball valves are also suitable for piping systems with light structure, low pressure cut-off (small pressure difference), and corrosive media. Ball valves can also be used in low temperature (cryogenic) devices and pipeline systems. In the oxygen pipeline system of the metallurgical industry, ball valves that have undergone strict degreasing treatment are required. When the main lines in the oil and gas pipelines need to be buried underground, full-diameter welded ball valves are required. When adjusting performance is required, a ball valve with a special structure with a V-shaped opening should be selected. In petroleum, petrochemical, chemical, electric power, and urban construction, metal-to-metal sealed ball valves can be used for piping systems with operating temperatures above 200 degrees. The sanitary ball valve only needs a 90-degree rotation and a small torque to close tightly. The completely equal internal cavity of the valve provides a straight flow channel with little resistance for the medium. The ball valve is not only simple in structure, good in sealing performance, but also small in size, light in weight, low in material consumption, small in installation size, and small in driving torque within a certain nominal passage range. It is easy to operate, easy to open and close quickly, and easy to operate. And maintenance, suitable for general working media such as water, solvents, acids and natural gas, but also suitable for media with harsh working conditions, such as oxygen, hydrogen peroxide, methane and ethylene. The ball valve body can be integral or combined.
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