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What is the difference between sanitary stainless steel elbow and sanitary stainless steel elbow

by:Mayer     2021-08-21
The difference between elbow and elbow, as the name suggests, is essentially the difference between 'head' and 'pipeThe most basic difference is that the elbow is shorter than the elbow. Ru003d1 to 2 times is an elbow, and the bigger multiple is called an elbow. In the production process, cold-bent pipes can be bent with ready-made straight pipes and pipe benders, and no secondary anti-corrosion is required after one-time completion. However, the elbow needs to be customized by the manufacturer, and anti-corrosion is required, and the order cycle is long. The price of the elbow is higher than that of the elbow, but the cost performance is much higher than that of the elbow. It is well known that the elbow without anticorrosion treatment is easy to damage. Stainless steel pipe 90 elbow For example: the pipe used in the West-East Gas Pipeline Project is 1016X17.5, and the design requires that when the angle is less than 11 degrees, the elbow should be used when the angle is greater than 11 degrees, and the hot simmering elbow should be used. In the West-East Gas Pipeline, the cost of cold bend pipes is of course low. The elbow needs to be customized by the manufacturer, anti-corrosion, and the order cycle is long. Cold-bend pipes can be bent with ready-made straight pipes using pipe benders. There is no need for secondary anti-corrosion after one-time completion. There is a petroleum standard for the cold-bent pipe construction process, and there is an enterprise standard for the West-East Gas Pipeline. However, elbows can be used in open areas. Only considering the cost, the elbows need to be simmered, and the elbows can be cold-bent. Of course, the cost of the elbow is high. Sometimes an elbow must be used in a narrow section, such as a pipe trench in a stone section, because the radius of curvature of the elbow is small, generally 6D, and the elbow is 40D.
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