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What aspects should China's sanitary valve industry transform from?

by:Mayer     2021-08-22
What aspects should China's sanitary valve industry transform from? Sanitary valve industry In the national economy, pneumatic stainless steel valves and electric sanitary valves, as an important link in equipment manufacturing, have opened up a space for development in market applications. More and more industries need to upgrade their own grades, and put forward more new requirements on the quality of valves. The technical index requirements for stainless steel globe valve J41W and stainless steel ball valve Q41F are becoming more and more stringent. Since the 'One and Two Five1. Transform our country's labor-intensive industry into a technology-based industry. my country has a vast land with abundant resources and abundant labor resources, but most of the products do not have high technical content, and some products still need to be imported. Therefore, the first step in the transformation of the stainless steel valve industry is to improve the technical content of its products. 2. The leap from my country's 'quantity' production focus to 'quality'. Its essence does not conflict with quantity. The problem is that if we blindly pursue quantity, we ignore the quality of the product. This is really not worth the loss. The stalwart of numbers that is exchanged at the price of low quality is not a wise move for a long time. 3. From the perspective of the reuse of resources, my country's valve industry must transform from extensive production methods to intensive production methods. In the previous development, the production of sanitary valves took the road of high pollution, low development, high consumption, low output, high investment and low return. At a time when resources are scarce, this development method is clearly out of place. Improving the quality of products and the ability of independent innovation is the only way for the valve to develop further. 4. Shift from export OEM of sanitary valves to self-brand building. OEM is a passive way, it is a simple order, production and delivery. Without participating in the formulation of market rules, this kind of industry situation that relies on others cannot really make the company bigger and stronger. The same is true for sanitary valve manufacturers. For long-term development of enterprises, they must change their production methods, seize the initiative, and take the path of creating their own brands.
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