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Washing Machine Review - Haier HLP21N

by:Mayer     2020-05-25
The Haier HLP21N 1 cubic foot pulsator is a washing machine in which the discs at the bottom of the stainless steel tub spin back and forth instead of agitating like the spindle in other machines which go up and down. When you consider buying a washing machine, you can buy Haier HLP21N, which washes clothes gently and quietly unlike the other washing machines which are big and noisy and this pulsator has absolutely no water leakage problem from the hose to the faucet. The machine is sleek and can be readily installed wherever you desire to have it in your house. Even in a small room it fits in amicably with its easy top-loading facility and after every use it can be rolled into a corner of the room or a closet. With its 3 feet height and about 2 feet width and a transparent top door, it looks compact and attractive. The quiet and user friendly operation of this machine enables you to concentrate in your work peacefully while it's running. If you can't wait at the Laundromat for hours, this pulsator comes in handy for you, in which you can wash your clothes quickly and easily. The full installation kit of portable and compact HLP21N includes one cubic foot stainless steel tub which can accommodate 6 pounds of clothes, a sink adaptor which can be connected in no time and a drainage hose pipe. For every load of clothes there are three water levels which are electrically controlled and three cycles of washing. The HLP21N 1 cubic foot pulsator comes with smooth casters at the bottom which enables you to move the machine so easily. This pulsator is perfect for small and delicate clothes like baby clothes, silk clothes, towels etc., and it comes with LED indicators which are electronically controlled that indicates the status of the cycle. You can adjust the level of the machine in case your floor is not smooth by adjusting the leveling legs. A lint filter inside the steel tub gathers the dirt and dust as well as the moisture from the clothes. If you clean the lint filter with warm soap water and a soft nylon brush after every wash, it will improve the efficiency of your pulsator. In most of the machines, the rod like central spindle occupies more space whereas in HLP21N 1 cubic foot pulsator, there's no such thing so you get more space for your clothes. The reviews received from the customers who have experienced the washing of their clothes in HLP21N are highly satisfactory. One has opined that this machine works efficiently and gently than the regular ones and another has told that installation and connection are so easy that he has found no problem of water leaks. Another person has admitted that though he's not got high expectations of such machineries, he feels happy on using this pulsator. If you don't have a washing machine at home and have to depend on your local Laundromat which is painstaking and time consuming, then you must go for buying HLP21N Pulsator right now. This nice appliance is readily available at Amazon.com other online stores.
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