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Useful Applications of Copper Pipes and Copper

by:Mayer     2020-06-03
Copper pipes and copper pipe fittings are used for a range of applications. They provide their users an inherent advantage of maximizing cost, performance and ease of installation. This article explores the different uses of copper pipes and copper pipe fittings. One of the most popular and widely known applications of copper pipes is their use in air conditioners and refrigerators. Copper pipes are extensively used in these systems because of their high thermal conductivity. In fact, the thermal conductivity of copper is eight times more than that of aluminum. It is this property of coppers that had made it so popular for use since the ancient times. However, this metal has found several new applications in the modern times because of the fact that they are strong, light and corrosion resistant. Besides, the durability of the metal makes it a perfect choice for applications like heating, plumbing and cooling, in addition to use in several mechanical systems. Coppers has a characteristic property of keeping its temperature constant regardless of the changes in the temperatures of its surroundings. Earth coupled heat pumps exploit this characteristic of this metal for moving heat between the ground and any location in the homes. This is one of the most cost-effective ways of generating heat as opposed to the conventional air conditioner and heating systems used. Another important application of pipes made from copper is domestic water distribution and service. The parts made from copper can be easily formed, joined and handled. Therefore, the overall cost of installation is much lower without having to compromise on reliability and performance. One of the two most effective uses of coppers is in drainage systems and fire sprinklers. Drainage systems are designed to suit the requirements of the project and can range from simplex to the most complex ones. Coppers is highly versatile and allows complexities of any kind to be incorporated with ease. Moreover, copper does not support any form of decomposition and combustion. Therefore, it is the best material for use in applications like fire sprinklers. A popular use of pipes made from coppers is in heating systems. In fact, they are extensively used in heating systems designed for both newly constructed and remodeled houses. Research and experience has proven that no other material is capable of supporting the kind of utility that copper does. In all such applications, factors like reliability, versatility, weight and ease of handling play an important part. Lastly, pipes made out of copper also find applications in snow melting systems. In fact, they provide one of the most efficient and economical form of removing snow and ice from driveways, pavements and platforms. However, depending on the application, the pattern of the grid can be selected. Copper tubes are usually most suitable for grid-type and sinuous coils. Moreover, for mains and larger grid coils, hard temper may be used. There are several copper tubes manufacturers that are capable of providing you high quality parts at affordable prices. However, before zeroing down on one copper pipe manufacturers, it is important to explore all the options available to ensure that you make an appropriate choice.
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