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Use a Camlock Coupling to Ensure a Safe Working

by:Mayer     2020-05-28
Camlock couplings are fittings generally used to connect hoses and pipes in industries during transfer of liquids or dry products. A camlock coupling is also called a cam and groove coupling. Camlock couplings ensure safe and efficient transfer without causing damages. Camlock couplings are made of stainless steel, aluminum, brass or polypropylene and are strong against damage or corrosion. Cam and groove couplings can be used in totes, containers and tanks, trucks, etc. A camlock coupling can consist of a male grooved adapter or a male coupler and hence it is called a cam and groove coupling. Advantages of cam and groove couplings and various types available in the market: There are many advantages of cam and groove couplings in industries. Cam and groove coupling works by inserting the grooved coupling into the cam coupling by simply closing the camlock arms. Connecting pipes and hoses with cam and groove coupling is considered as the safest way of connecting two pipes or hoses during the transfer of fluids. Cam lock couplings will prevent any kind of leakage and is airtight. Safety pins will prevent any kind of leakage during accidental disconnection of pipes or hoses. Cam lock couplings are usually made of aluminum, brass, stainless steel and polypropylene. A Camlock coupling is available in various sizes ranging from 1/2'-6' and includes a wide variety of gasket material. Various types of cam and groove couplings are: Brass cam and groove couplings - that works efficiently at high temperatures. Aluminum cam and groove couplings yield castings with better strength and finer grain structure. Stainless steel couplings are durable and non-corrosive and they are investment cast. Polypropylene cam and groove couplings are made out of glass reinforced polypropylene, which is acid resistant. Make your purchase of cam lock couplings from reputed distributors: Cam lock couplings or cam and groove couplings are used to ensure a safe and efficient transfer of liquids or dry products through hoses or pipes. These are of great use in industries that deals with highly corrosive and flammable liquids and in food industries where high standards of hygiene are an important factor. Cam and groove couplings are also used in other industries like fire departments, cleaning services, petroleum trucks, paint factories, and in agriculture where transfer of dry products should be done with care and safety. Therefore, it is very necessary to ensure that you purchase these products from a reputed dealer or manufacturer. Only reputed manufacturers and distributors will follow industrial standards of manufacturing and make these products efficient and safe while using. Safeties of people who handle these flammable products are very important. So care should be taken to understand and know the reputation of distributors you are going to deal with. Trustworthy manufacturers and distributors of a camlock coupling will enable you to make a wise purchase that is cost effective, accurate and safe. You can explore the websites of various reputed manufacturers and dealers of cam and groove coupling, and shop through online. The online store opens up before you and helps you to make a wise purchase according to needs and requirements. Make use of cam lock couplings and create a safe working environment.
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