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Storage method of sanitary elbow and stainless steel elbow

by:Mayer     2021-08-20
The storage method of sanitary elbow and stainless steel elbow Some consumers did not use the sanitary elbow immediately after purchasing it, but stored it. However, we found that many consumers do not understand the storage knowledge of sanitary pipe fittings , Resulting in the product performance degradation during the long-term error storage process, and many problems have occurred. Therefore, the staff on the website will share some precautions for storing sanitary pipe fittings. We need to check the sanitary pipe fittings regularly during the storage process. , Understand the quality of the product. The exposed part of the workpiece needs to be kept clean and the dirt on it removed in time. The storage environment of sanitary pipe fittings requires indoors. It is not allowed to store the observation in the open air. The staff of the hoist manufacturer reminds everyone, We also need to ensure that the indoor storage environment is dry and ventilated, so as to avoid the corrosion of sanitary pipe fittings, and to ensure that the environment is clean and tidy. This is to avoid the dirt of sanitary elbows. So we need to choose suitable storage Environment. Perhaps there are many people who are not very familiar with what is a sanitary elbow. Simply put, this actually refers to those pipes that meet a certain sanitary standard. Nowadays, this kind of pipe fittings are used in the pharmaceutical and food industries. Very common. In order to ensure the safety of medicine and food, the staff must pay attention to some problems when installing the sanitary elbow. Before installing the pipe fittings, the staff need to do a good job of inspecting the pipe fittings. If the pipe fittings are found to be damaged or If the specifications do not match, etc., they must contact the merchant in time for replacement. When installing the pipe fittings, the staff also need to pay attention to the use of formal installation tools and installation methods. This is not only to ensure the service life of the pipes, but also to Reduce the probability of secondary pollution of pipe fittings during the installation process. The relevant staff of the grid plate manufacturer said that in addition, the staff should also regularly check and maintain the sanitary elbow.
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