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Stainless Steel Wine Barrels Guaranteed For Durability

by:Mayer     2020-07-03
Stainless steel wine barrels are preferred over conventional wooden barrels for wine storage, courtesy of the benefits of durability and cost effectiveness offered by them. The key to the quality of service offered by stainless steel barrels lies in the stability of their chemical and physical characteristics. Stainless steel wine barrels are now getting increasingly popular with wineries as the medium for wine storage. They have proven themselves to be clean and hygienic, apart from offering the benefits of durability and cost-effectiveness. They boast stable chemical and physical characteristics, which make them a better option over conventional wooden barrels. Before stainless steel barrels came into the picture, oak barrels were considered to be the preferred medium for the storage of premium wines. However, storing wine in oak barrels has a negative effect on the taste and aroma of the wine. Naturally, this forced wineries to start looking for better alternatives which would not lead to this problem. Eventually, they spotted stainless steel barrels as the alternative that could help them in this regard. The benefits of stainless steel barrels - Stainless steel barrels are much less prone to erosion in comparison to wooden barrels. This naturally reduces the need to replace them as often as it is required in the case of wooden barrels. And this better durability ultimately results in better cost-effectiveness, with the wineries getting rid of the cost (and hassles) of replacing barrels in quick succession. Given the fact that oxygen cannot penetrate into steel, storage of wine in stainless steel barrels minimizes the oxidation of the same. This, in turn, ensures that there is no change in the taste of the wine. It is a very significant benefit for wineries, which had long been bothered about this problem before the advent of stainless steel barrels. The use of stainless steel helps to manufacture barrels in various shapes and designs. Custom shaping of wine barrels is an attribute of metal that was not available when wood was used for the manufacturing of barrels. Stainless steel barrels also facilitate dry and clean storage, without affecting the aroma of the wine. Wineries using steel barrels can do away with the coating of paraffin wax, glass or epoxy resin. Using steel barrels also ensures better control of temperature during the fermentation procedure, courtesy of the heat-transfer quality of such barrels. Apart from storage, stainless steel barrels are also helpful for experimentation. Experimental batches of wine need to be kept in neutral storage containers. And, given the fact that steel barrels do not cause any change in the taste and aroma of the wine that they are storing, they perfectly play the role of neutral storage containers crucial for experimentation. Please note that before using steel barrels for production and storage of wine, you must ensure that the steel in the barrels has an adequate volume of nickel and chromium. The steel gains its anti-corrosive qualities from chromium oxide. On the other hand, nickel plays a key role in soldering, apart from enhancing corrosion resistance. Please also make sure about it that the tank does not have any scratches on its inner surface. This is because such scratches can retain the remnant of the previous wine, which can naturally affect the aroma and flavor of the wine that is now being stored in the barrel. So, in case you need to store wine, it is always advisable to go for stainless steel wine barrels. Look for reputable companies offering the barrels. The author is currently associated with SKOLNIK, the reputable manufacturer of salvage drums, overpacks and stainless steel wine barrels. Their products are compliant with regulations of the United Nations, US Department of Transportation and US Department of Energy. With compliance to regulations of the UN drums made by SKOLNIK naturally guarantee high quality service valuable for wineries.
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