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Stainless steel size head material and standard

by:Mayer     2021-08-27
Stainless steel size head material and standard mandrel material and shape are important process parameters, which are directly controlled by design and manufacturing. The stainless steel size head should be used according to the corresponding conditions and convenience. According to the radius of curvature, the mandrel head is divided into three types, single curvature, double curvature and multiple curvature. For single-curve, hyperbolic and multi-curve mandrels, the thrust will gradually decrease and the manufacturing cost will gradually increase. The material of the rubber head includes stainless steel size head (304 304l 316 316l), alloy steel, carbon steel rubber head, No. 20 rubber head, Q234, Q345, etc. The production of large and small heads should comply with the current national standard 'Steel Butt Welding Seamless Pipe Fittings' GB/T12459-2005 Ministry of Electric Power Standard GD0506~0507 Ministry of Petrochemical Standard (SH3406-96) National Standard (GB/T9112-2000) Ministry of Machinery Standard ( JB81-59, JB/T74-94) Ministry of Chemical Industry Standards (HG5010-58, HG20592-97)
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