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Stainless Steel Signs

by:Mayer     2020-07-03
Stainless Steel Signs are notice boards which are erected or installed at a desired place or location, and their single function is to pass on any relevant information. Stainless steel is used in the manufacture of these types of sign because they are extremely rustproof and have an exceptionally long functional life. Stainless steel signs may be powder coated, painted, brushed and etched, and is particularly more pleasing to the eye when the latter two finishes are applied. Lettering is another way of achieving a successful sign, and fixing letters to backgrounds can be done in a variety of ways. Originally writing or text was chiselled into marble stone or wood to create a contrast but now this is achieved by letters made from materials such as stainless steel, aluminium, bronze or resin. The typefaces and finishes which are achievable are almost limitless, and any potential for reproduction is well within the capabilities using modern sign making seamless pipe techniques. Custom made or bespoke signage is completely unique, and signs created of this nature can end up looking like absolutely anything the customer requires. Bespoke signs are ideally suited to retail outlets and one off projects, or for someone who likes to stand out from the crowd and show some individuality. The signs may be fixed so as to appear as if they are hanging on nothing, or invisible fixing. Or the fixings can be made a feature of with decorative cover screw heads of stainless or chrome bolt heads for instance. There are many different types of signs in everyday use and some of these can include: o A boards & display cases o Digital printing o Post & panel signs o Hoardings o Door signs and nameplates o Safety signs o Exhibition graphics Other types of sign include suspended signs. These types of sign are held by rods through the ceiling and are fixed to a solid bulkhead. Materials can be brushed or blasted stainless steel, aluminium, glass or even a mixture of all three. Freestanding signs can be erected and installed just about any where there is enough room for them to stand, and when they are not needed or needed Stainless steel pipe somewhere else they can be very simply relocated.
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