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Stainless steel handrail grades, colours and designs.

by:Mayer     2020-07-01
There are many different materials to choose from when fitting new handrails and balustrades and it is important that you consider certain aspects in order to make the right decision for decoration purposes and longevity of the product. When ornamental staircases are installed in exterior environments, certain materials must be used and treated if necessary in order to maintain the handrails and balustrades in their original condition. Stainless steel handrails are the most popular material used for ornamental staircases in exterior environments because they will not rust easily and are relatively easy to clean and maintain. Another important aspect is to consider is the finish of your handrails and the grade of stainless steel that will be used and for this, it is always better to employ the services of a good company. There are over 100 different stainless steel grades and it is paramount that the correct one is selected for the job you are doing. Although stainless steel is the least likely material to rust, it does not mean that stainless steel is exempt and in actual fact, stainless steel can and does rust in certain environments. There are also places on the handrails where rust is more prominent, mainly on the joins and where the stainless steel has been welded. A good manufacturing company will be able to advise on the grade of stainless steel used for ornamental staircases and there are various professionals involved in the various stages of design such as architects, designers and manufacturers. A commonly used grade for exterior applications is Grade 304 which is also commonly used for areas where there is water and salt water. There are different finishes of stainless steel including matt and polished. Stainless steel does not necessarily need any extra treatment but for added protection can be polished. Stainless steel handrails can also be supplied in various colours depending on your requirements. When choosing stainless steel handrail designs and styles, it is always wise to complement the existing building and choosing a modern minimalistic design feature will not always compliment a traditional setting. The style and design of your building is really important when choosing designs, colours and styles for ornamental staircases Stainless steel colour coating can be carried out during the manufacturing process which ensures the colour will not fade and will last the test of time. There are many different colours with white and black being the most prominent and popular. http://www.heathbrook.co.uk
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