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Socket Products Satisfying Your Fastening Needs Everywhere

by:Mayer     2020-07-12
The socket products are used widely in various industry sectors to fulfill their fastening needs. With the growing need as fasteners that are used in different application areas, these come in a wide range of selections. In this article, I would mention about the various sockets that are presently available in the market. Socket Head Cap Screws These are especially made from different types of stainless steel alloy. The ranges of socket products come with a hexagonal recessed drive. They usually come in two standards, one that is established in the United Kingdom, which is the British Association (BA) screw threads and the other is the Unified Thread Standard (UTS) is most commonly used in the United States of America. Flat Socket Head Cap Screws The materials used in these socket products include stainless steel as well as low carbon to suit a varied range of needs. They usually feature a countersunk head with a socket drive. Button Head Cap Screws Alloy steel and stainless steel is used in making these products. They offer superb fastening solutions. However, these fasteners are generally designed for light fastening applications only. You should not use them in critical high strength applications. Instead, you should use a socket head cap screw in such situations. Low Head Cap Screws As the name indicates, these types of socket products come with a head that has recessed hexagonal drive. You would find their use mostly in industries like petrochemical, agro-chemical, paper and pulp, power and defense sectors. These should be made from materials that are durable and resistant to corrosion for greater productivity. Socket Shoulder Screws Also known as shoulder bolts, these fasteners are available both in alloy steel and stainless steel. The socket shoulder screws are also available with tight dimensional tolerances, and they are referred to as precision shoulder screws. Full Dog Set Screws These Socket products go a long way to enhance your affixing needs and offer risk free environment wherever you use them. However, just make sure that you use the right materials for superior quality performance. The growing demands for socket products have given rise to a market wherein you get all these varieties right from button socket head cap screws, to flat socket head cap screws just everywhere. However, it is recommended that you try the online source to go for extensive research to further zoom in on the right socket head set screws for your needs, at affordable prices.
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