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Single or Double Exhaust Systems

by:Mayer     2020-07-13
Trying to find which kind of exhaust system to install in your vehicle? These systems are available in single and double systems. Most cars come with a single exhaust system. These are preferred by the manufacturers because of the cost effect as they are much cheaper. Some bigger machines with bigger engines however come with double systems. If you want to install an after-market exhaust and you are wondering whether to install the single exit or the double exist ones, here are some of the factors you may consider. First you need to decide whether you want performance or beauty. You must agree with me that the double tips always look cool on the vehicle. Single exhaust Most of the times, it will depend with the kind of vehicle you own. For a small street car, a single system would be satisfactory. This is because the single systems are lighter. You don't want half the weight of your small car to be carried in the exhaust system. The single exhausts are also cheaper at shops like magnaflow since they do not hold as much components as the double systems. The single types will mostly come in larger diameters therefore there is high speed emission of gases. The more exhaust emitted the better the performance. The diameter of the exhaust pipes really do matter, you should choose an exhaust system that allows the emission of gases without resistance. Dual exhaust The larger vehicles like the trucks and SUVs will require the double exhaust systems. These vehicles are associated with higher performance because of their engine power. The double exhausts therefore create better emission of gases from the extra exhaust pipe. For racing cars too, there may be need for the double exhaust. Because of their high speed, the engines work very fast discharging high amount of exhaust gases. These are easily released through the double exhaust system to increase performance. A racer also likes his car to look cool therefore the double exhaust would be a perfect choice. Beware that not all the exhausts that look double from the outside are actually true double systems. Some are single inside but separated just at the exit. A true dual exhaust will have two converters, two mufflers and two exhaust pipes. Once you decide whether to go for the single or double, choose stainless steel exhausts products. These do not rust and will give you service over the years without need for replacement. Magnaflow provides some of the best exhaust products made of stainless steel and you sure will not regret your choice.
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