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Simplify the reason of deformation for the research of stainless steel flange seal

by:Mayer     2021-08-15
On the basis of the simplification of the stainless steel flange structure and deformation assumptions, the stainless steel flange system is taken as a whole, and a detailed load-deformation analysis is carried out to obtain the moment balance equation and the system deformation coordination equation. The finite element method is used to calculate the force and deformation of the sealing system, and the force characteristics of the sealing element under different working conditions are obtained. The relationship between the diameter of the stainless steel flange and the residual stress distribution of the gasket is discussed. The small squares estimation method is used to perform multivariate fitting of the above influencing factors, and the sealing characteristics of flanges are studied by the method of ROTT experiment, and the comparison and verification with the sealing theory are carried out. The tightness sealing design method is explained and considered The influence of flange stiffness on the seal is modified to this design method. The selection basis of equipment stainless steel flanges is to introduce the concept of tightness, and increase the tightness level as one of the criteria for flange selection.
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