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Seven steps to get sanitary butterfly valve cleaning operations

by:Mayer     2021-08-28
Seven steps to complete the cleaning operation of the sanitary butterfly valve. The first step is to remove the protective covers on both sides of the flange, and rinse and clean with the body of the sanitary butterfly valve fully opened; the second step, it must be carried out according to the specified signal before installation The whole machine is tested and can be installed online only after it is qualified; the third step, before preparing to connect to the pipeline, the remaining impurities in the pipeline must be flushed and removed; the fourth step, during the installation, do not use the actuator part that is not a ball valve as a lifting In order to avoid damaging the actuator and accessories; Step 5, sanitary butterfly valve should be installed in the horizontal or vertical direction of the pipeline; Step 6, the pipeline near the installation point of the sanitary butterfly valve should not be drooped or To withstand external forces, pipe supports or supports can be used to eliminate the deviation of the pipeline; the seventh step, after connecting with the pipeline, please cross-lock the flange connection bolts with the specified torque.
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