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SBM Trapezoid Mill Create the New Record in Mining

by:Mayer     2020-07-08
According to the latest heavy machinery statistic, mining enterprises have adopted the structure adjustment and strengthened the competitive capability with the support policy of the national demand promotion, which have continuously expand the world market and ensured a rapid and stable growth increase in this industry. Our country have adopted a series of correspond financial crisis measure ,which have become a promoter and protection guard to our mining machinery and also promote the development of our mining machinery .And at present ,the energy demand of the economic development have become more urgent ,which have also created the high wave of the construction and mining equipment market . Based on the advices of 9518 customers and their long-term experiences, our expert's have developed the latest type of MTW series mills in the world .And it has obtained the international level and adopts many proprietary intellectual property rights, including the bevel gear integral transmission, inner light-oil lubrication system, arc whirl tube, etc. 1. Integral transmission of the gear: the traditional mill should need the reducer and shaft coupling to ensure the transmission of the main shaft .And this kind of MTW Series Continental Trapezoid Grinding mills will make the installation become more difficult and the efficiency become low. While this kind of MTW Series Continental Trapezoid Grinding mills adopt the integral transmission of bevel gear, which can ensure the compact structure, convenient adjustment and high-efficiency. 2. Inner lubrication system: the traditional mill adopt grease lubrication , which can increase the lubrication obstruction ,high temperature and reduce the service life of the bearing .while this kind of MTW Series Continental Trapezoid Grinding mills adopt inner oil pump and can conveniently realize the lubrication between the main bearing and gear bearing. 3. Arc whirl tube: the traditional grinding mill adopt the board-type whirl tube and there will cause the hindrance when the air stream shocks the wind plate. And the collision will also happen between the air molecules, which will cause the energy lost and also cause the vortex flow to create some defects like air flow block. the MTW Series Continental Trapezoid Grinding mills adopt the new arc whirl tube and the tangential air flow can fluently enter the entrance with no obstruction .And the exit direction in the inner surface will not so easily cause the block of the materials 4. Curved surface shovel with changeable edge: the traditional mills adopt integral shovel so If the edge is worn, all of the shovel should be changed, which increases the cost and the labor work. The edge of MTW series mill adopts wearable alloy materials which can extend the service life. The Changeable edge is easy to change, which can improve the utilization rate of the materials. The traditional flat shovel make the materials accumulate in one level, which will reduce the ring and roller' service life. The curved surface shovel of MTW Series Continental Trapezoid Grinding mills makes a vertical material liner, which makes the wearing become more evenly and also increases the efficient working surface and capacity. 5. Isolated cyclone separator: The space between the inner-tube and mixed powder air flow will adopt the isolation structure, which can efficiently improve the classifying efficiency and precision. 6. Shell designing: the MTW Series Continental Trapezoid Grinding mills adopt non-insistence inlet shell, with which there will have no vortex flow in the small observation door .And the inner door plate and facade will lie in the same curved surface, which can efficiently avoid the vortex effects. While the traditional mills have no such this kind of feature so that there will occur some phenomenon like bulge, vortex effects and energy-consumption. 7. Elegant outlook: the inner structure of the MTW series Trapezoid Grinding Mill adopts many advanced structure and the outlook also adopt elegant arc structure design, which have made the whole machine standout. 8.MTW Series Trapezoid Grinding Mill are usually applied to proceed the mineral powder grinding in the field of metallurgy, building construction and mining exploration .And this kind of grinding mill can proceed the grinding to following materials : Quartz, feldspar, calcite, talc, barite, fluorite, rare earth, marble, ceramics, bauxite, manganese ore, iron ore, iron ore, copper ore, phosphate rock, iron oxide red, zircon sand, slag , slag, cement clinker, activated carbon, dolomite, granite, garnet, iron oxide yellow, bean cake, chemical fertilizer, compound fertilizer, fly ash, bituminous coal, coke, lignite, Ling U.S. sand, chromium oxide green, gold, red mud, clay, kaolin, coke, gangue, porcelain clay, kyanite, fluorspar, bentonite, medical stone rhyolite, muddy green rock, leaf wax rock, shale, purple rock, Diego rock, basalt, gypsum, graphite, silicon carbide, thermal insulation material .And all of these non-flammable and non-explosive materials are with the Mohs hardness of lower 9 degree and the moisture of lower 6% . 9.What's more ,we company have also developed some new type of mining machinery equipments ,which have not only promote the rapid development of mining machinery but also make this industry have a bright future from the crisis . And these crusher mining equipments are mainly including portable crushing mobile plant ,and hydraulic driven mobile plant ,YGM grinding mill with high pressure ,MTM series trapezoid grinding mill, SCM super thin grinding mill, MXB coarse grinding mill, PFW impact crusher , JC jaw crusher ,PE jaw crusher ,PF impact crusher ,VSI5X crusher ,VSI crusher ,CS hydraulic cone crusher ,HPC cone crusher and so on.
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