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Sanitary welded ball valve outline dimensions, welded ball valve introduction

by:Mayer     2021-08-20
Dimensions of sanitary welded ball valve, welded ball valve introduction Sanitary welded ball valve is suitable for pipelines of various systems to cut off or connect pipeline media. Applicable medium for sanitary welded ball valve: compressed natural gas CNG, water, steam, oil and other non-corrosive media. Compared with other valve products, the sanitary welded ball valve is characterized by high pressure and unique self-sealing design. The higher the pressure, the more reliable the seal. Due to the performance and technical characteristics and special working conditions of the sanitary welded ball valve, the product has also formed the characteristics that other products cannot replace. Product features of the welded ball valve: 1. The main body of the sanitary welded ball valve adopts high-pressure impact forging, the shell is strengthened, and the test pressure can reach 50MPa. 2. Sanitary welded ball valve is a special high-pressure product developed and researched mainly for gas filling stations, using natural gas or hydraulic oil circuit as the medium. 3. The seals are all imported materials, with excellent sealing performance, high pressure resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, reliable quality and long service life. Sanitary welded ball valve specifications: sanitary welded ball valve model: Q61N diameter size: 1/4-2'; sanitary welded ball valve nominal pressure: PN250~PN500Bar; sanitary welded ball valve connection method: welding; sanitary welded ball valve Body material: carbon steel, stainless steel; sanitary welding ball valve working temperature: -20~+100℃ ~+350℃
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