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Options for Stainless Steel Stair Rails

by:Mayer     2020-07-31
An essential component of home design is the stair handrails. There are a lot of available options where handrails are made which includes glass, wood, metals and stainless steels. In modern designs, stainless steel stair rails are very common simply because they provide a better look than any other material. There are numerous reasons why it is so popular among people.Stainless steels stair rails make the look of your stairs more noticeable. It gives a modern aesthetic view that provides long lasting durability and is simply built to last. Today's modern designs combined wooden staircases along with stainless rails that give more vibrant look. The reason for this is to give the interior design more edgy and modern toward its look. Where Do You Use Stainless Steel Stair Rails?Designers incorporate stainless rails with home design that gives more edgy and modern look. This is because rails have its flexibility that can either use for outdoors and indoors. It doesn't only suites for the living room but can be use anywhere of the house including outdoors. Stainless steel stair rails can be both use for home and commercial establishments.Stainless steel stair rails have a lot of room to decide for home improvements. As I said earlier, it has be incorporated with home designs and naturally fits with the surrounding that basically compatible with any styles and home structures. Benefits of Using Stainless Steel Stair RailsAside from its modern look, a stainless steel railing is cost-effective. Stainless steel is cheaper compared to other material. This is considerable enough if you're working on a tight budget. It is easy to maintain because it has cheaper maintenance compared to metal railings. Even a simple cloth can remove smears and smudges that may have accumulated the railings. A stainless steel railing is one of the most well built materials, the reason why many people go for it. It is more resistant to damage and the cheapest material in the market that makes it a worthy investment. Stainless railings come in a number of designs from vertical to horizontal rails which are supported by elegant steel poles. Commonly the more open the design the more open the staircase would look. Building Codes for Stainless Steel Stair RailsBefore anything starting the project you'll need to check first the building codes and restrictions. You'll need to know first the height restrictions for handrails, spaces between two balusters and between bottom railings and stairs. The code is design for the safety of children from getting their bodies caught in between two components. Other requirements include getting building permits. Stainless Steel Stair Rails ComponentsFor measuring the length of staircases perhaps an online source can help you or you can ask your contractors about it. Once you have the dimensions you can now purchase the materials to be used in the project. These are the list of components to be used in installing stainless steel stair rails:Top railsBottom railsBalusters or spindlesStainless steel stair rails can be made of wood, vinyl, iron or metal. Wood is the most common that ranges from pine, oak, cherry and mahogany. Some people mix it with different materials to create one of kind designs.
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