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My Experience of Playing Ping G15 Fariway Wood

by:Mayer     2020-08-02
I am 64-year old, 12.9 handicapper, and use ping g15 3 wood (http://www.golfsaleshop.com/goods-874-Ping+G15+Fariway+Wood.html) in my game and love them. My 3 wood is offset with a soft regular flex shaft. After gradually improving my swing, I am now hitting this club out to 210 yards off the fairway. Constructed of 17-4 stainless steel, the G15 features an 'elongated, low profile' design for additional forgiveness and to make it easier to use on a variety of lies. That larger head gives you more confidence when standing over your next shot. It has revolutionized my ability to reach long par 5 greens. If you put a good swing and follow-through (both arms extended along the target line), this club will prove to be dead straight. I would like to see a higher ball flight, but this is probably due to a swing plane that is too flat. I have to work some more and see if I can overcome this particular issue. I am hitting the G15 woods much better than my old G10s and they were dramatically better than my even older G2s. As I've stated in prior fairway wood reviews, my primary purpose for a fairway wood was for off the tee on tighter driving holes. Recently though with some instruction and practice I've started to use my fairway wood off the deck more. The ping g15 (http://www.golfsaleshop.com/) pulls off that shot quite easily as the ball is launched quickly and effortlessly. Regardless of being in the light rough or the fairway, the sole interacts with the ground smoothly and the distance was pretty impressive. The G15 makes going for par five's in two a whole lot more entertaining. As a relative newcomer to the game, it has taken me some time to understand that a well-hit 3W needs to be the result of a slow, long backswing done with a tempo that is no different than any other club in the bag. Rather than the softer/muted sound I've experienced with other fairway woods, the G15 exudes an audible and deeper 'crack' when struck that gives one the impression of hitting the ball quite hard. Much more authoritative in the sound department, which I found to be quite pleasing on the ears. It's not obnoxious by any means, you just know your hitting a very solid club. I've been using the same three-wood and though I've tested out my fair share since then, I hadn't found one that made me want to make a change until now. For more information at http://www.wholesalegolfclubsforsale.com/
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