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Mountain Bikes

by:Mayer     2020-08-03
Transport and movement of people has been made easier through various means, which include vehicles, planes, trains and bicycle. Cycling has become popular in many parts of the world. It varies from transportation such as racing, and others use it as a recreation service. They are type many of bicycles, which include unicycles, tricycles, quadracycles and other hydro powered bicycles. However, the most common is the two-wheeled type. The use of bicycle goes back centuries, and the use of cycles has spread tremendously all over the world. Cycling as a method of transport is known to be effective and efficient for use in short distances. It has numerous advantages compared to other means. One has the chance to exercise that helps in keeping the body fit and maintain good health. It does not use of fuels that are responsible for air pollution, and third, not many of them are engine operated, so no noise pollution is felt. Cycles also beat the challenge of traffic jams, parking is much easier and it accesses many channels and road where other means of cant reach. You only need to part with a small amount of money for you to be able to purchase it. Places where cycles are commonly used require less road maintenance. The cons of cycling have to do with the various accidents that occur as result of collisions with other road users particularly the motor vehicles, which has brought many deaths. In addition, their limitations of being unable to be used in certain weather conditions i.e. rainy seasons is another con. Again, cycles can only be used for only shorter distances and require skill for use, not to forget that only a limited number of people it can transport at a given time. There has been advancement the cycling as more bicycles with advanced technology are being made. Use of the mountain bikes or the MTB is type which is being used for off road cycling activities which include rocks climbing, steep hills, dirt trails, rough road, and in-accessible roads. Mountain bicycles are able to overcome all these obstacles with ease. Mountain Bikes use certain design of wheel rims, which vary in size. Wheels that are used require to be wide, with knobby tyres, that enhance traction on shock absorber due to the terrain. In many cases, the use of front wheel suspension is common among mountain bikes, they have also inserted full front and rear suspension to improve their use. The fitting of the bar ends and handlebars have given more help to cyclists who go on hill climbing adventures. The advancement in mountain bike technology has seen an introduction of different types of mountain bikes. A wide variety of mountain biking is common today, inclusive of cross country (XC) biking, recreational all-day biking, free ride biking across the town, down hill biking and track competition. Different type of bikes, to effectively perform on some of these activities is required. The development of the mountain bikes has been seen in gearing, with increased maximum speed. This is provides help for bike mountaineers, and speed test riders. Some of mountain bikes use the disc rims instead of rim brakes to improve the performance.
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