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Method of static pressure life test procedure for sanitary ball valve

by:Mayer     2021-08-19
Method of the hygienic ball valve static pressure life test procedure 1) The operating torque of the test, except for the flat-sealed sanitary ball valve, when the sealing performance can be maintained during the sealing test, the maximum opening and closing operating torque measured by manual operation is Standard, the torque of manual operation shall not exceed the torque that can be generated by the driving hand wheel equipped with the gate valve for one person or the operating torque specified in the product standard. The operating torque of the flat-seal flat gate valve shall be based on the operating torque at the time of opening with pressure. The test operating torque of the drive mechanism shall have a repetitive deviation of less than ±5%. 2) During the static pressure life test, the sealing performance and operating torque should be checked every 200 to 300 opening and closing cycles according to the characteristics of the mating materials of the sealing pair. After the sealing performance is qualified, continue the test; manually operated gate valves can be adjusted if the operating torque changes. Other gate valves with operating mechanisms cannot be adjusted. 3) If the sanitary ball valve has installation and flow direction requirements, it should be installed in the required installation and flow direction. 4) The number of static pressure life tests shall be recorded by the signal provided by the life tester or the travel switch driven by the electric, hydraulic, pneumatic or other electro-hydraulic-gas linkage device using an electromagnetic counter.
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