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Mechanical polishing of the inner surface of sanitary elbows: rotary and linear polishing

by:Mayer     2021-08-20
The inner surface of the sanitary elbow is mechanically polished: there are rotating and linear polishing. Take rotary mechanical polishing as an example: mechanical polishing equipment is relatively simple, power and polishing disc, advanced polishing equipment are relatively simple, power and polishing disc, advanced polishing wax. The cloth disc and cloth disc made of graded fine sand are polished back and forth on the inner and outer surface of the tube several times, and the finish can reach Ra≤0.2-0.4μm. In the general sanitary elbow factory, the wheel polishing speed is 2500m/min, and the precautions for grinding are also used for polishing. The 150-240 abrasive belt can be used for polishing to obtain continuous lines of hairline surface processing. In order to achieve mirror polishing, it needs to be gradually polished with a fine abrasive, and finally polished with a very fine polishing paste. When welding workpieces with sanitary elbows, the welding area needs to be treated twice. The following manual operation method can be used to basically match the original surface; the welding seam is parallel to the original polishing pattern, and the welding seam can be ground with a grinding wheel, and the particle size is 80 and 120 or 150 portable special grinding wheels for polishing. The direction of movement of the grinding wheel should be consistent with the direction of the weld, so that the texture is consistent with the texture of the original mechanical polishing surface; if it is not parallel, the final manual polishing of many stainless steel pipe fittings factories should be consistent with the direction of mechanical polishing. If the lines on both sides of the joint are inconsistent (for example, one side is parallel to the weld and the other is perpendicular to the weld), the best way is to polish along the weld (not across the weld).
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