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Matters needing attention on broken core rods in the production of stainless steel precision pipes

by:Mayer     2021-08-23
Points to note about broken mandrels. First of all, the mold will wear during the process of rolling sanitary seamless pipes. Usually the service life of the pass is dozens of times the mandrel, so when the pass is rolled for tens of tons, it will wear out. . If the mandrel produced by the same manufacturer is not used, the deformation curve will not match. In severe cases, the deformation area will be unevenly distributed. The wall reduction is too concentrated, so that a certain part of the mandrel is particularly concentrated. When the stress on a certain part accumulates to a certain point, all the core rods will be broken. Once this situation is dealt with: 1 Ensure that the mold is matched. 2 If the quality of the mandrel’s supplier’s product is determined, Zhai will carefully check the hole pattern. Use the wear of each point of the regular hole pattern to determine the outer circle processing amount of the hole pattern. If a certain part of the hole pattern is found to be worn Relatively concentrated 1 It means that the front section of the corresponding part of the sanitary elbow is not compressed enough. (or the outer circle of the mandrel is small) resulting in a concentrated amount of deformation. Therefore, when grinding, you must carefully consider whether to change the mandrel or change the hole shape All in all, try not to cause wear concentration. Second, the core constant fracture is caused by other factors: 1 the position of the core rod is improper during adjustment, 2 the delivery is as large as possible, 3 the inner wall of the tube blank 4 the heat treatment in the extension direction of the tube blank is uneven, causing the calculation Too much difference in interest performance. 5 Poor lubrication of the inner wall of the billet. 5 Straw steel on the surface of the mandrel. 7 Serious wear of the mandrel. Stainless steel clamp, sanitary elbow, sanitary tee, sanitary clamp, sanitary ball valve, sanitary butterfly valve, stainless steel head, stainless steel union, sanitary check valve, sanitary diaphragm valve, sanitary quick-release bend Head, sanitary quick-installing tee, sanitary quick-installing ball valve, sanitary quick-installing butterfly valve, sanitary quick-installing union, sanitary quick-installing joint, sanitary mirror tube, sanitary stainless steel tube, sanitary seamless tube, Stainless steel sanitary pipe, sanitary leather pipe joint, stainless steel leather pipe joint, sanitary sampling valve, sanitary quick-installed inner wire, sanitary quick-installed outer wire, sanitary quick-installed leather joint, sanitary level gauge. Various materials, conventional stock, non-standard can be customized.
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