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Market analysis of domestic sanitary pipe fittings

by:Mayer     2021-08-17
Analysis of domestic sanitary pipe fittings market In 2007, domestic steel consumption increased by about 22%, and supply increased by about 20%. The global steel industry is recovering, capacity utilization is rising, and price levels are rising. In 2008, my country's economy continued to improve, and it is expected to maintain a relatively high growth rate of 8-8.5%, which will provide strong support for the growth of demand for sanitary pipe fittings. The market continues to be optimistic. In 2009, the release of domestic steel production continued to grow. Although the rate has declined, the situation is still severe, while market demand has declined. In the first three quarters, my country’s pig iron, crude steel, and steel output increased by 31%, 27.4%, and 25.8%, respectively. From January to September, fixed assets fell by 1.8%, and real estate investment fell by 6.1%. The increase in steel output was in sharp contrast with the decline in demand. The outlook for the steel market is not optimistic. Turning changes occurred from 2010 to 2011: 1. The import volume of sanitary pipe fittings has experienced a significant downward trend after experiencing the rapid increase in the first few years of customs accounting data that are of practical significance. Among them, the inflection point of the decline in the total volume of stainless steel welded pipes was in August 2010. 2. Taking June 2011 as a significant inflection point, stainless steel welded pipes rose sharply. Among them, the net export volume in June 2011 was 4,180.898 tons, a decrease of 4,993.769 tons from the previous month. It is also necessary to note that 50% of China's stainless steel welded pipe export destinations are in traditional stainless steel welded pipe production and production in Europe, the United States, Japan and Taiwan. Consumer countries and regions. Among them, 30% are exported to Europe and North America, where sanitary pipe fittings were born 100 years ago. This fully shows that domestic production of sanitary pipe fittings has been fully recognized and accepted by customers in these old-brand stainless steel welded pipe production and consumption countries and regions. Some thoughts: 1. The development of China's sanitary pipe fittings has completely changed the industrial pattern of the world's stainless steel welded pipes. 2. The day when China has transformed from a traditional large net importer of stainless steel welded pipe to a net exporter of stainless steel welded pipe is not far away. 3. The development of stainless steel welded pipe not only needs to study China's macroeconomic development, but also needs to study the world's macroeconomic development.
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