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Knowing CamLock Fittings

by:Mayer     2020-08-12
When liquids or semi liquids are poured in containers, there is always a possibility of leakage leading to a loss of the material stored in the containers. In most of the industries wherein huge containers are used to store various materials they use a camlock fitting which are used to hold the containers strongly ensuring no leakage. These camlock fittings are known by various names like cam, cam lock fittings or groove couplings. These groove couplings are quite popular in all industries as they are considered to be the most simple and cost effective method of connecting and disconnecting. Cam Lock fittings are extensively used in industries that use systems wherein huge chemical storage happens on a regular basis. Some of the examples of industries wherein groove coupling is used are factories that make dyes, paints and inks. Other than this Cam lock fittings are also used in factories where there is a high frequency of hoses that are changed very often for the right mix. In addition they are also used for delivery of fuel at fuel stations, on fuel carrying trucks, fire departments for holding fire hydrants and in many other places. While it is clearing that cam lock fittings are generally used for holding hazardous things, it is very essential to know the precautions to be followed while using camlock fittings: 1. Always connect a groove coupling using low pressure. 2. Ensure that the alloy of the coupling matches (in terms of non-chemical reaction) with the product it holds. 3. Utmost care is needed before assembling the hose in terms of ensuring complete leakage proof and also proper and tight fixation of the groove coupling. 4. Every product is prone to wear and tear over time. Regular inspection about the condition of the cam is essential 5. To avoid any accidents or mishaps while transportation or handling, it is preferred to tie-off the ends of the hose ends Now that we are clear of the precautions or measures to follow while using cam lock fittings, let's have look at the various applications of cam lock fitting: 1. Due to their high leakage proof capacity, Cam and Groove Couplings are used to handle various fuels, chemicals, water and they are also used in various agricultural needs 2. Not only in storing various products cam lock fittings are also used in transportation of various chemicals, dry products and many more 3. In addition cam lock fittings are also very useful fixtures to tie hoses to tanks and pipes 4. Cam and Groove couplings are also widely used in water allocation pumps as well. With so many applications, it has become essential for the cam lock producers to produce cam and groove couplings of various types that could match various needs. So, here are the different types of Cam lock fittings available in the market: 1. The most popular cam lock fittings are of stainless steel as they are very robust. Under this category cam made of aluminium, brass and cast iron. 2. Polypropylene groove coupling 3. Quick release couplers are used for transferring liquid, compressed air and hydraulic systems 4. Brass couplings are groove couplings that are used in industries that hold products at high temperatures. In addition, cam lock fittings with standard size are also available in various other sizes like Type A, B, C, D, E and F.
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