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Keeping Healthy On A Daily Basis

by:Mayer     2020-08-15
It is now possible to partake in everyday activities hassle-free, thanks to the wide range of products from Viva Direct. There is a large choice of mobility aids that can assist with numerous activities we often take for granted. Whether you fancy doing a spot of gardening, or want to get in and out of the house unaided, there are several products that help to ensure your independence. The Half Step, which can be used to give height to low thresholds, is perfect for entranceways where the step is too high to be achieved in one go. It is entirely stable, easy to use and is ideal for people with limited mobility. If like many people in the UK, you have suffered from back pain in the past, you'll know all too well that it is near impossible to bend during basic household tasks. When it comes to gardening and specifically pulling out weeds, the Electric Weed Sweeper will make the task in hand effortless. Alternatively, the Extendable Garden Trowel Fork and Free Weeder can be useful for tending flower beds without kneeling, bending or stretching excessively. Many people also have problems getting in and out of their favourite chair, but they no longer have to dread getting up, as the Life Assist can solve the associated discomfort. This revolutionary product uses a gas lift to assist you slowly to your feet, enabling you to take the strain and effort out of ascending. For those who experience pain whilst seated, the Sero Pressure Coccyx Cushions could help, allowing you to sit with extra comfort for longer periods of time, relieving the pressure points in your back. Another fantastic product that will invigorate you is the Heated Back & Body Massager. This can be fitted to any seat and works its massage magic while you relax. There are four settings including rolling and pulsing, and the heat can be turned on for the ultimate in relief. Equally ideal for treating neck, back and thigh pain, there are a number of other products to keep the joints supple, including omega three tablets and cod liver oil liquid. If you are suffering from joint pains, try the Novasonic Popular Plus which transmits intrasonic sound waves below the skin's surface, excellent for providing relief to those parts of the body that are hard to reach. Ease sciatica, tennis elbow and shoulder pain, with all the stretching done for you by the eight-inch arm. Viva Direct also stock a variety of products that can help to keep feet comfortable. The range includes extra-wide ankle boots, which provide ample support, and can help your feet breathe, whilst still looking fashionable. Alternatively, if your shoes are tight-fitting, try the Width Stretcher which can widen them easily and quickly, expanding the width for a more comfortable fit. You can even help bring your feet back to life with Foot Alignment Socks, which provide relief for people who spend too much time on their feet; pop them on while you sleep and by the morning your feet will be feeling fully refreshed. These socks are also ideal for people who suffer from cramps as they realign the feet by stretching the toes individually. A number of products are available to help you keep an eye on your health, including blood pressure monitors and heart monitors, so when you are exercising you can always be sure that you are not pushing yourself too far.
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