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Is the clamp type ball valve link with a precision cast clamp or a stamped clamp?

by:Mayer     2021-08-21
The clamp type ball valve uses a precision-cast clamp or a stamped clamp. The clamp ball valve is also called a sanitary quick-install ball valve. Its connection method is composed of a precision-cast clamp, a sealing ring, two flat joints and a ball valve. combined to. Both the clamp ball valve and the clamp joint can be used separately or as a set. When the connection is used separately, the clamp is mainly used to fix the connection of the pipe or the connection of the pipe. The rubber sealing ring and valve plate of the clamp ball valve are imported parts, which ensure the performance and service life of the clamp ball valve. The use of high-precision CNC lathes for fine-turning the valve body ensures the reliable interchangeability of the clamp butterfly valve and eliminates the trouble of changing the rubber and not guaranteeing its performance. The valve stem is inlaid with a nylon bushing, which reduces the friction and thus opens flexibly and easily. The steel parts are made of stainless steel, and the rubber is made of food rubber, which has high sanitary quality. The diameter of the valve body is equal to the inner diameter of the pipe. When opening, the narrow and streamlined valve plate is in the same direction as the fluid. The flow rate is large, the resistance is small, and there is no material accumulation.
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