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Introduction to the rolling surface processing method of stainless steel seamless sanitary pipe

by:Mayer     2021-08-25
Stainless steel seamless sanitary pipe is a kind of economical cross-section steel. It is an important product in the steel industry. It can be widely used in life decoration and industry. Many people on the market use it to make stair railings, window guards, railings, furniture, etc. It is widely used and has a simple understanding of the rolling surface processing knowledge of stainless steel pipes: 1. After hot rolling, annealing, pickling and descaling, the surface of the treated stainless steel seamless sanitary pipe is a dull surface, a bit rough; 2 , The surface is processed better than the general surface, and it is also a dull surface. After cold rolling, annealing, descaling, and finally light rolling with a matte roll; 3. This is the most commonly used in construction applications, except for annealing and descaling with a polishing roll Except for the last light cold rolling, the other processes are the same as 2D. The surface is slightly shiny and can be polished; 4. Bright annealing: (1) This is a reflective surface, which is rolled by a polishing roll and placed in a controlled atmosphere. In the final annealing; (2) Bright annealing still maintains its reflective surface, and does not produce oxide scale.
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